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Winter Wear Wishes for Your Body Shape

  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 20 Dec, 2017

Here in Ottawa, Canada with the Holiday Season around the corner, there is no denying that winter has arrived!   Each time we head outside we arm ourselves with our mitts, scarves, hats, boots and our winter coats to protect us from the cold.   For some of us, our winter gear is all about function.   And then there are people like me who want to stay warm and look their best.    

Whether you are choosing you personally are choosing a winter coat or it is on your wish list for Christmas, having a winter coat that fits and flatters your body shape is one way to ensure that you are looking and feeling your best.  

There are no two people with the exact same body shape which makes us all so amazingly unique!   However, it is good to have some sort of system to categorize body shapes so that each woman can enhance their body shape.  

Understanding your unique body shape allows you to:

  • Increase your body confidence
  • Balance out your proportions
  • Draw attention to your good features
  • Play down the less positive features
  • Develop your own unique style

Here is your wish list when it comes to Winter Coats and Jackets for your Body Shape:

The Round Figure: 

  • You carry most of your weight around your tummy & upper body;
  • Your hips and shoulders are balanced and you have little definition at the waist;
  • You have a generous bust & rounded shoulders.

The Round Figure looks best in coats and jackets that fit in at the waist with a slight flair below the waist to create definition.  Coats are best kept at 3/4 length as ankle length can swamp and shorten the body.  Hemlines of jackets and coats should be kept above or below the widest point of the body.  (This coat below works because the vertical red zipper draws the eye-line up and down the centre of the body which elongates and slims the body line).

The Slender Triangle:

  • Your shoulders are narrower than your hips;
  • You take a larger size on the bottom than the top.

The Full Triangle:

  • Same as the Slender Triangle, but you are fuller around the middle;
  • Your waist is typically shorter;
  • Your bottom is bigger.

For the Slender and Full Triangle you want to bring attention up to the top half of your body.   An empire line coat works well to draw the eye up.   Wide lapels and structured collars are essential for bringing width and to balance the top half with the wider bottom half.   For jackets,   a biker jacket with padded shoulders is great to add structure to the shoulders.  

The Slender Inverted Triangle:

  • You have broader shoulders than hips;
  • You have a much smaller bottom half than top;
  • You have little definition between your waist and hips.

The Full Inverted Triangle:

  • Same as the Slender Inverted Triangle, but you also have a more generous bust and are more curvaceous;
  • You have a shorter waist.

For the Slender and Full Inverted Triangle, choose a coat that has a full skirt or movement at the bottom.   Avoid wide lapels on your jacket.   Opt for a longer slimmer lapel to draw the eye-line in and up and down or no lapel at all.   A Trench coat style can work, but the skirt of the coat must be full in design to compensate and offset the shoulder line.  

The Slender Rectangle:

  • Your bust, waist and hips have similar measurements;
  • You have a straighter shoulder line;
  • You have very little waist definition.

The Full Rectangle:  

  • Same as the Slender Rectangle, but you look more sturdy and strong;
  • You have more solid looking limbs;
  • You carry your weight evenly over your body.  

The Slender and Full Rectangle look best in a belted coat to enhance the waist and create a more hour glass figure.   Opt for single-breasted coats as they are less boxy in style and add femininity. A peplum jacket is great for adding curves to this torso.

The Slender Hourglass:

  • Your hips an shoulders are a similar measurement;
  • You wear the same size on the top and bottom;
  • You have a clearly defined waist and it is curvaceous.

The Full Hourglass:

  • Same as the Slender Hourglass, but you have a generous bust and full hips;
  • You have a clearly visible, shorter waist;
  • You have generous thighs and bottom.

Coats should have a clearly defined waist and structured shoulders. They should be fitted and tailored.  Hemlines should finish on or just below the knee.  A peplum jacket with structured shoulders is ideal.  A belted trench coat is fabulous!   


Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season, many blessings in the New Year and fabulous Winter Wear!  

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