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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 30 Aug, 2017

Here we are nearing the end of the summer.   It is getting darker earlier in the day again and there is a bit of a chill in the air.   The sure sign of Fall is when the kids return to school.   Soon, we will be putting our summer clothes away and bringing back our Fall/Winter attire.   I find this both sad and exciting.

I am sad that we only have so many warm, outdoor days ahead and I will soon be putting away my summer dresses and sandals for jackets and boots.   I am also excited to rediscover what I have stored away in my Winter bin.   And, to add to my wardrobe with some new Fall items!    

Many of us have too many clothes packed into our closets.  Ideally, our wardrobe would only contain this season's clothes and so it is best to store your summer clothes elsewhere during the Fall and Winter and vice verso.  

A successful wardrobe is a balance between fullness and emptiness.  We don’t want so many clothes and clutter that getting dressed and finding an outfit causes us stress, but we don’t want it so sparse that we cannot co-ordinate an outfit or are wearing the same outfit day in and day out.  

If you tend to accumulate clothes year after year and keep them.  It is time to do a wardrobe declutter.  Switching your wardrobe to the season is a perfect time to “Let Go”.

Most people only tend to wear about 20% of their wardrobes anyway.  The other 80% is taking up valuable space.  To have a well functioning wardrobe:

  • 60% of what we wear should be worn on a day to day basis
  • 20% should be what we wear on weekends or leisure wear
  • 20% should be what we wear occasionally or just for evenings

When I am working with clients to help them create a well-functioning wardrobe, it is common that they will have a hard time letting go of certain items in their wardrobe.   This is what I often hear them say.

“I might need it some day/wear it someday” .

If you haven’t worn an item in the past 2-3 years, it is likely you will not wear it in the future and you most likely have a good reason for not wearing it now.   Also, think about it.   If you were to see this item in the store today, would you buy it?   If not, Let it go!

“I'll fit into it someday”

I hear this one too often.   Those great pair of jeans you wore when you were 30 no longer fit and you are now 45, but you are definite you will fit into those jeans again.   This is a clue that you are saving this item for either the life you might have one day or the life you used to have.   If you are planning on releasing weight, wear clothes that actually fit you now.   When it comes to your wardrobe, live the life you currently have.   Feel good about how you look now and while you are slimming down. Also, the jeans you wore 15 years ago are outdated.   Even styles that come back, come back with a current spin.  

It was expensive and I don’t want to be wasteful”  

Feeling guilty for spending on a costly item you do not wear is common.   Mistakes are part of the learning process when it comes to dressing your best.   You are less likely to make future purchasing mistakes with increased knowledge about what suits your style personality, body type, and the colour of your hair, skin and eyes.  

An expensive item hanging in your closet that you do not wear is wasteful.   You can always sell the clothing on eBay.   Or, you can bring the item to a consignment store to get some return on the money you spent.   Better yet, give them to a friend or donate them to a charity.   Giving away clothes that you do not wear to those who can use them is a better way to eliminate waste and helps others.   Just think how excited somebody else will be when they “score” this find!    

Most of us wanted a wardrobe we can be excited about..   The basis to a great wardrobe starts with knowing your Style Personality, Body Shape and your “Wow” Colours .  When you have these steps under your belt decluttering your wardrobe is a much easier and pleasant experience.  I can show you how with my Style Plus Package .

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