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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 21 Jun, 2017

Spring is turning into summer and with the warm weather many of us have planted our gardens.   We look forward to seeing the fruits of our labour; seeing the flowers in full bloom and picking vegetables from our gardens. Many of us spend our precious weekend time weeding our gardens to get the best results.   But, when was the last time you weeded your wardrobe?

Many of us have many outfits in our closet that we don’t wear.   People tend to wear only about 20% of their wardrobes.   So, our closets are filled with items that are taking up space that could be used more effectively.   We want to ensure that 60% of our closest space consists of clothing we wear regularly on a day to day basis, 20% is what we wear on weekends or for leisure and the other 20% is what we wear occasionally, like evenings out for example.  

At least twice per year, I do a spring/summer and fall/winter switch over of my wardrobe.   I use this as a time to do a wardrobe decluttering as well.   Going through our closets each season and having a well organized “working wardrobe” has some very practical benefits and contributes to our emotional and mental well-being.

A “working wardrobe” does this for you:  

  • Dressing becomes more enjoyable, creative and exciting
  • A well-spaced, organized wardrobe allows you to easily view each item which makes choosing an outfit easier
  • You leave the house each day on time, happy, calm and relaxed (instead of frustrated and stressed)
  • You no longer have “nothing to wear” days
  • You are more confident
  • You are proud of your appearance  

When I am doing a Wardrobe Decluttering Session with a client we have already determined her Style Personality, Body Shape and her “WOW” colours; those colours that suit my client’s colour season. So we use this as a guide to see what items she should hold on to and what items she should throw away, donate or get tailored.  

The purpose of the session is for the client to:

  • Create order in their closet by organizing 
  • Gain clarity about who they are and what image they want to portray
  • Become more conscious  of their shopping habits
  • Form better habits moving forward

It is not uncommon to see a client who is stuck in a “Style Rut” when going through their clothes.  Or, to see that a client who is attached to their “comfort clothing”.  There is a place for leisure wear in our closets, however even our leisure wear must be flattering and up-to-date. I often see clients who are wearing shapeless, baggy clothes that do nothing for their body shape.  Or, their closet is colourless and full of “yawn”, boring colours

Wardrobe Decluttering is about new beginnings. It is a fresh start. It is a time to focus on the future, create new habits and build a new image. It is a time to make space for new growth. 

When decluttering your wardrobe consider the following:

  • Is your closet filled with items that are all the same colour?
  • Do you have the same styles over and over again?
  • Do your work clothes suit your current job? Reflect your current work situation?
  • Do you have items in your closet you have never worn? Or have not worn in the last 2 years?
  • Do your clothes actually fit you? 
  • Do your clothes bring you joy?

Creating a wardrobe that works well for you consists of having the essential core items in your wardrobe that also reflect your lifestyle and daily activities.  

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