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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 25 Oct, 2017

I rarely attend formal events where a floor length gown is appropriate.  A floor length gown is called a ballerina length dress.  I am not really a floor length gown type of gal.  I do love the sleek elegance of a cocktail dress though.   Christian Dior was the first to use the term “cocktail dress” to refer to early evening wear in the late 1940s.  

A cocktail dress is very versatile.  It can easily go from day wear at the office to evening wear.   In a professional environment, you could pair a cocktail dress with a fitted jacket or cardigan and low heeled shoes. To spice it up for evening wear, you pair it with stand out accessories and high heels.  

Cocktail gowns can be worn to a wedding, anniversary party, formal birthday celebrations and for the Holiday Season .      (Coming up in the near future)!   There are certain types of cocktail dresses that can be worn for very formal or fancy events.   These cocktail dresses would have notable features like sequins, satin, halter necks, bubble skirts, beading and plunging necklines.  

When wearing a cocktail dress, DO:

  • We are a clutch or elegant and refined shoulder bag
  • Wear heels
  • Wear sheer hosiery
  • Choose one eye catching accessory you really love; a statement pair of earrings, necklace
  • Wear the right undergarments
  • Open or closed toe shoes are acceptable


  • Wear a slouchy tote bag
  • Wear flats or running shoes; for comfort go for kitten heel or short block heel
  • Wear opaque hosiery; keep these for daytime wear
  • Wear too many statements pieces: if you are wearing a statement necklace, keep the earrings more subdued
  • Have visible bra straps, panty lines or hems of slips showing
  • Wear hosiery with seams at the toe if you are going with an open toed shoe; wear seamless hosiery (sandal toe, sheer)

Black will never go out of fashion, so picking up a black cocktail dress for a special event seems like a no brainer.  But, black is not always the best option for everyone.  Many women do not look good in black as it is a high contrast colour which can wash them out, dull their skin, hair, and emphasize lines, wrinkles and dark spots.  

Want to know how to pick that perfect cocktail dress that will highlight your assets for you special events? I invite you to contact me for a free Consultation or to call me at 613-204-0781.  

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