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Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Certified Style Coach (MIASC Accred.)

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Law Of Attraction

My top three goals upon starting the 6-week program with Francesca were to:
  1. Create a void and get clear on what I wanted as my life work
  2. To join a 40-day yoga challenge
  3. Give and inspiring speech in November 2014.   

Francesca Dattilo was able to help me work toward these goals by authentically listening to my needs and providing simple processes that helped me identify limiting beliefs and how to change them. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I keep track of my feelings and emotions more and that I stay with them until they are solved. I deliberately work at changing the story in my head to a more realistic version of what is really going on and this has helped me keep my vibrations high. As a consequence, I realized that when my energy and actions are congruent, I manifest my desires easily and faster. I continue to use the many processes that I was taught and love knowing that the laws of the universe are unfolding and orchestrating all that need to happen to bring me my desires. The most significant overall change I have noticed is that I get positive outcomes when I get the process on the experiential level through my feelings and sensations. I would describe Francesca as an authentic and caring, spiritual coach who is truly present during the sessions and who keeps a safe space allowing her clients to communicate freely and openly. I would recommend Francesca to anyone who is going through a life transition and who needs to get clear on what he/she truly wants.

Colette Asselin, Health and Wellness Coach
Ottawa, ON

Style Coaching TM

I am a 59 year old active woman. I was delighted to work with Francesca and have the opportunity to learn how to enhance my best features. Having spent a lot of my years playing down my looks, I did not know what styles suited me, nor did I know what colours brought out the best in me. In the approximate 20 hours of Style Coaching TM I received from Francesca, I learned what my body shape is and what styles accentuate the best qualities of my body. In addition, I have learned what colours and shades are best suited to my skin tone. I have a better sense of how to apply make up as well as little tricks to keep my skin soft and supple. Other benefits I did not expect, but have certainly gained are the time I save shopping for clothes now; knowing exactly what suits me and what doesn’t. I wear my new styles and colours with a confidence I did not have before. Worth every bit of time spent! Thank-you Francesca.

Monica Forst, Psychotherapist
Ottawa, ON

Law of Attraction

Francesca Dattilo is the kind of coach everyone dreams of having- supportive, caring, professional, knowledgeable and focused. I’ve known Francesca professionally and personally for over a year. She’s my Law of Attraction Coach, and in only a few short sessions, she’s helped me to work the law of attraction and take action on things that I’ve been struggling with for years. As a new entrepreneur, I have loads of exciting challenges ahead of me and I knew that if I wanted to be successful I would have to step it up. Since working with Francesca, I’ve gotten much better at challenging my comfort zone, and improved my focus and organizational skills. As a result, my energy and productivity have increased, and all sorts of great opportunities are coming my way. Francesca has the talent of being laser focused, which means that the time spent with her is all about me. She helped me stay on track so I could get the results I wanted. I feel like I dropped a huge anchor that has been holding me back. In addition to being highly educated as a social worker, Francesca has great integrity. She walks her talk and she calls things as she sees them. She is the real deal! If you get the chance to work with Francesca, go for it! It will change your life!

Marian Meade, Marriage Minded Coach
Ottawa, ON

Law of Attraction

My relationship with Francesca Dattilo, my Law of Attraction Life Coach has been one of mutual respect and professionalism. She is well organized, knowledgeable, caring and a truly positive person. By using the Law of Attraction, she has helped me become more accountable to myself and it has been very beneficial for me to be accountable to her as my coach. By working together we have discovered my patterns of negative self-talk and emotions that were blocking my progress towards success. She has helped me work through my conflicts with certain colleagues. She has also taught me many processes to become more mindful and to counteract and overcome working from a place of “lack” and from “all or nothing” thinking as this was negatively affecting my personal life, my family and my professional life.   

At first I wasn’t sure about doing coaching over the phone, however Francesca set the tone from the very first call of working from a safe environment. I was able to share my challenges with her as she was always in a place of caring, respect and non-judgment. I highly recommend Francesca and her Law of Attraction Coaching because she has guided me to become a more trusting, optimistic, successful and happy person. She has taught me that by doing the energy work first, I can be more assertive, clearer about my goals and more accountable to myself and others. You have nothing to lose except the negativity and everything to gain from this experience. Give yourself this gift of self-discovery and awareness. Thank-you Francesca!

Julie Rainville, Independent Senior Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
Gatineau, Quebec

Style Coaching TM

At first it was difficult to let go of the old me and express myself in a rejuvinating, confident and beautiful way. I am grateful for all the knowledge she gave me; now knowing my body type, colours, make-up application and the importance of accessories that suit me. I no longer shop for items simply because they are on sale. I am focusing on purchasing items that truly complement my wardrobe and make me feel great. I have also learned how to mix and match my wardrobe to create more outfits, which saves me money. Francesca helped me choose clothes that streamline my body. I am receiving compliments from family, friends, coworkers and even strangers on my outfits and have even been told that I look like I have lost weight.  

Francesca challenged me to look at my whole self and to look at how I wanted to represent myself from the inside out. She has a very personalized approach and makes you feel special. She treats you like the real, unique “you”. I would definitely recommend Francesca’s service: her expertise, her warmth and her service delivery have bumped up my style and confidence. And I deserve it!

Maureen Duggan, Registered Nurse
St. John’s, NL

Law of Attraction

I have used Francesca Dattilo’s Law of Attraction Life Coaching services for the past three months. Francesca has taught me several ways to uplift my spirit and have the confidence to keep doing what I love. She was always there to encourage me and I often refer to her as my life cheerleader. Francesca taught me to think in an affirmative manner and helped me to create a new perspective on life; an extremely positive one. I truly feel an improvement in my everyday life. I am happier and more relaxed. I strongly recommend her life coaching services to everybody; whether you are struggling or succeeding.

Kasia Kochanowicz
Ottawa, ON

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