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STOP  “Scratching the Itch” to get More Life Balance And Harmony

  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 14 Jun, 2017

Yesterday, I had a really “bad” day.  I woke up feeling unmotivated, drained, unsettled and sad.  So, I proceeded as I usually do with my daily success habits; meditating, Law of Attraction (LOA) processes, a good cardio workout, lots of water and a very healthy breakfast. Typically, these habits elevate my mood and raise my vibration.  

But, I was hit by some contrast or those things I do not like want or prefer to be happening , right after, related to my business and my health. Oh, and I forgot to mention tech issues with my computer!  And, I began to spiral back down the “Emotion Vibration Scale”.  If you are familiar with Abraham Hicks aka Esther Hicks, you might be familiar with the scale they developed that runs from 1-22.  I was hitting the bottom half of the scale ranging from disappointment to discouragement to worry and even moments of despair.

I was very aware that I was spiraling down.   Being a mindfulness practitioner for the last 16 years, I was observing my thoughts and feelings and trying to do so with compassion .   I was struggling with not over identifying with them.   I kept telling myself “This too shall pass”.  

I had work to do so I plowed on, thinking that if I distracted myself I would not be focusing on the unwanted things that were lowering my vibration.   I also know this is a great technique to increase my ability to tolerate distress, so that when I go back to thinking about the situation, I am more emotionally balanced.

At times, my mind would go back to my lack thoughts and feelings.   I started to think about what was contributing to the resistance; those thoughts and feelings that are not in alignment with my desires and who I truly am, my divine self .   I reflected on vulnerability factors that were contributing to my resistance .  

I considered my vulnerability factors such as illness, my eating, my sleep, exercise, alcohol intake, other stressors and then realized that the biggest vulnerability for me was that I had worked 2 weeks straight without a break and was tired.   I realized that I was out of balance.   As much as I am passionate about what I do, I was missing out on fun and relationships.   All work and no play makes me a very unhappy woman! If I am not happy, the Law of Attraction will not deliver to me those things that will make me more happy.  

At times, I felt a lump in my throat, but I ignored it telling myself I had things to do and just swallowed it down.   Later on my husband came home and we decided to go for a walk.   Being the wonderful husband that he is, he listened with such loving presence and awareness as I released my discouragement, fear and despair.   And, I sobbed.   I recalled that there is a time to allow for emotions and a time to let them go.   I often say to my clients “We must allow for the unwanted for the wanted to be allowed”.  

He reminded me how vulnerable I get when I push myself in my work.   We reflected on how we both manage anxiety.   He tends to procrastinate to manage his anxiety and I tend to get into action mode.   It is almost compulsive, this need to scratch this “itch” to get another thing done so I can achieve more success.   And we laughed at ourselves.  

As I lay my head to sleep later that night, I decided to choose better feeling thoughts and work the Law of Polarity.  Abraham Hicks speaks to the Law of Polarity saying every subject really has 2 subjects: that which we desire and the absence of that which we desire . And, I began a “rampage of appreciation” (LOA process) to practice the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance to get my mind in an abundant mindset as I fell asleep.  

This morning I felt better.  I could feel the energetic weight that had been released from my body.  I once again proceeded with my daily success habits.  I am feeling myself moving back up the vibrational scale.  Today, I am feeling more hopeful.  Today, I am recommitting to the Law of Allowing and trusting that the Universe will deliver at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

I am recommitting to the Law of Detachment which is the ultimate form of allowing and accepting of what is and what will be.  I know that all the action in the world will not get me what I want.  I know that 7 hours of energy work is equal to 1 hour of action.  Sacrificing my relationships, my self-care, those things that give me pleasure for the sake of my business is a sure fire way to create more sacrifice and to keep me miserable.  

Of course, I want to create a prosperous business and my success and happiness is not solely defined by what I do or how much money I make.   I am committed to creating abundance in all areas of my life. My relationships nourish me, fun reconnects me to the child within, my health provides me with a vessel for my soul to create,   and my alone time reconnects me to myself and my passions.   Always the perpetual student….

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