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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 23 Aug, 2017

I recently returned from holidays.  And, as some of you may know from one of my previous entries, I spoke of remaining mindful of this pleasant event and being unmindful of worry/planning thoughts about my business while I was off.

Well, things were going along swimmingly. Until, I returned from out of town to find that a social media platform where I have a business page had charged me near $ 900.00 for a game app that I had never downloaded or played.  I did reach out the the social media platform twice to find out how this happened and have yet to receive an explanation.

There was a domino effect as a result.   The charge went through an on-line payment system that was linked to my bank account. In turn, funds were withdrawn from my account.   Since, this was an expense I was not expecting, I did not have the funds in the account and was then charged a very hefty NSF fee nearing $ 300.00.

You can imagine I had difficulty staying in the moment.   I was pissed!   I was more resentful about the time I had to spend straightening this matter out during my vacation then the actual money or large NSF fee.   And, I felt powerless dealing with a huge social media platform that I could not reach by phone and was not providing helpful responses on-line.   I felt I had little recourse.

The good news is that there were a couple of steps I did take to prevent this from happening again and my bank reversed the charges!  

Initially, I was in blame mode, “How could that person do this?”…”How could they , meaning the social media platform, the on-line payment system, the bank…let this happen?”   I felt victimized.  

I am sure that some of you have experienced similar situations and emotions.   Perhaps, you have been pre-occupied with the troubling situation and unable to think of anything else.   And, like me, as a result, have found it hard to stay in the moment and get back to a good feeling place.

I knew I was resonating very low level emotions.   I also knew that staying there would lead to even more situations that would elicit the same feelings.

To feel more empowered, I made a decision to choose better feeling thoughts . I took these steps to get there.   I encourage you to do the same when you are feeling powerless and victimized.  

STEP 1:   

Decide to stop blaming others and look at how you co-created the situation, so you can learn from the experience to avoid creating a similar situation in the future. Ask yourself: 

  • In what ways have I been feeling resentful, powerless and victimized in my career/business life?

  • Where else in my life have I been feeling resentful, powerless and victimized?

This is mindfully using the Law of Deliberate Creation with states what we focus on with emotion we attract more quickly. And, the notion that we have the power to create our own reality.  

STEP   2:

Choose to “Pivot”.   Decide to use the contrast situation to focus your thoughts in a more helpful direction and improve your vibration.   Ask yourself:

  • What do I want?

For example, “ I want this issue to be resolved quickly and smoothly.”

  • Why do I want it?

For example, “I want to spend my time doing other more fun things on my holiday.”

  • How do I want to feel when I get it?

For example, “I want to feel empowered, joyful, free and appreciative.”

  • How do I want to feel on the way to getting what I want?

For example, “I want to feel at peace, optimistic, joyful and empowered.”

Pivoting is an example of the use of the Law of Polarity which states every subject is really two; one of lack and one of abundance.   


Focus on the positive aspects of the situation knowing that the more positives you search for, the more you will find.  Here are some examples I used: 

“ I like that this is happening while I am on vacation, as I now have the time to spend to straighten it out.”

“If this happened next week when I was back to work, I would be even more stressed about it.”

“ I am glad that I have now put something in place that will likely prevent this from happening again.”

“I am grateful that the bank reversed the charges easily, quickly and efficiently.”

Focusing on the positive aspects of the situation is a great demonstration of the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance .  

Getting back to a better feeling place can happen quickly and easily if you are willing.   If you apply these steps fully you can experience this for yourself!  

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