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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 19 Oct, 2017

Your emotions can lead you to success.

Do you ever feel like a 2 year old having a tantrum when things do not go your way?  

In general I rarely get angry.   I feel irritation and annoyance at times, but this is low level anger that passes quickly.   But, oh boy!   when I have computer or tech issues, there been times I have wanted to throw my laptop out the window.   The curse words have been known to fly.   (I know that I am not alone here).   And then, my husband tries to help me out and he gets the brunt of my anger.

Even though my anger makes sense because something important to me is being blocked.   In this case, I am trying to get my work done for and on my business to create success, but the ****! computer is getting in the way.  

I don’t like myself when I behave like this.  Then I feel bad for letting myself get so angry and for any misdirected anger towards my husband.  It doesn’t feel good and I know I am vibrating in negative space.  

I am fortunate that I have emotional mastery skills and Law of Attraction processes I can use to get back into feeling good quickly.  

It’s funny how I can see myself in my clients' experiences.  It is no surprise, as it is the Law of Reflection at work.  

It makes sense that they feel overwhelmed.  I can relate being a entrepreneur myself.  And they often feel angry, in particular resentful because their business takes up so much time, energy and effort.   They feel “ripped off” because their vision of success includes relationship and health abundance, but they just don’t know how to do it all.  Their vision of holistic wealth; career, family, and body is being blocked.

I tell them that is not about “doing it all”.  It is about alignment .  When you are able to work with the Universal Laws and do energy work you can achieve more, in less time with less effort.  When you can line up your vision with your thoughts, feelings and your higher self, you are in flow and people, places, things, situations, circumstances fall into place.  

Don’t get me wrong, you still have to take action, but it is inspired action.  The action is natural and easy. Marci Shimoff says there is a difference between ego intention and soul intention.  When we intend and create from the ego; our conditioned self, we are constricted and in fear.  It is a struggle. When we intend and create from the soul, we are expanded, free and it feels good.  We are in flow, in the zone.  

I help my clients get out of ego intention/creation and into soul intention/creation.  

I do want to make clear that alignment with your goals does not mean you never feel or experience a negative emotion.  It doesn’t mean that anytime you feel anger, frustration, or resentment that you push it down or block it out.  It doesn’t mean pasting a smile on your face and pretending that all is well.

As per the Law of Allowing ; the unwanted must be allowed for the wanted to be allowed and received.  Pushing our emotions away is fighting against reality.  It is like telling someone not to feel the raindrops that are falling on their head.  

In order to release your anger:

  • Acknowledge it in the present moment
  • Release any judgment you have of it; observe it without labeling it as good or bad
  • Let go of the thoughts that fuel the anger  
  • Pay attention to how and where the emotion is showing up in your body
  • Let it move through you and pass as it is meant to

Lay Buddhist Priestess, Tara Brach suggests, ask yourself:

  1. What is happening in this moment?
  2. Am I able to to let “what is” be?

Once you have allowed for your emotion, choose better feeling thoughts.   Any thought that will provide you with relief from your anger thought.   This is how quickly you can grow up from the “terrible twos” to an adult who is living up to the best and highest version of themselves.  

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