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 How to Feel “BLUE SKY” on the Inside When it is “RAINING” Outside

  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 12 Jul, 2017

I love music.   I especially love Blues.   I have gone to many live music shows. I attended the Blues Fest, every year, for a number of years, everyday, right here in Ottawa, Canada.   I recently came across this video of Sister Rosetta Thorpe playing a mean guitar and belting out an amazing Blues tune called “ Didn’t it Rain ” at an outdoor concert in Manchester, England in 1964.   I couldn’t help but bop around listening to it.  

A TV producer by the name of Jonny Hamp was in attendance of this outdoor event and he reported that there was a downpour of rain that literally dampened the show, but then Sister Rosetta came out and sang this song “Didn’t it Rain”.   He stated “the downpour would have led to the worst memory of the show had it not led to the best.” You’ve got to check her out here !

This got me to thinking about contrast in our lives.  Contrast is the “downpour of rain”, so to speak.   In the Law of Attraction world, Contrast is defined as those experiences in our lives we don’t like, want or prefer to happen.   Contrast hurts.  It does not feel good, but it’ s necessary.  It is necessary for creation because we must first identify what we don’t want to know what we do want. Without contrast there can be no clarity.  It is the opening for creation.

Abraham Hicks aka Esther Hicks encourages us to make peace with Contrast.   I encourage my clients to accept contrast as a fact of life because we will always have a variety of experiences that frankly feel bad that lead us to a desire. As soon as we stop asking, we stop growing. Growth cannot occur if we do not have new desires.  

If I can see contrast as a gift and get my clients to see contrast as a gift, that is “golden”; it is being able to see the “blessing in disguise”.   When I experience contrast in my relationships, I am often extending my limits.   I am going above and beyond with my clients, friends or family.   I end up feeling resentful, hurt and undervalued.    

My initial response is to blame the other person for taking advantage of me, but then I point the finger back at me (in a gentle way) and recognize that I have created this contrast.   I quickly move to appreciating them and the contrast.   The conversation in my head goes something like this, “I understand that you are just honoring my vibration.   Thank-you for showing me the way”.  

We can view view getting to clarity from contrast as a prime example of the Law of Polarity at work.  The Law of Polarity states there are two poles or opposites to everything. Bob Proctor, world renown success coach and speaker tells us t hat every situation just is.  You make it negative or positive by how you choose to think about it.  

A quick process I use to move from contrast to clarity is called Pivoting.   I learned this from my Law of Attraction mentor, Christy Whitman.

This process helps you to more clearly define what you want.   Whenever you notice a negative emotion, stop and ask yourself:

  1. “I know what I don’t want, so what is it that I do want?”  
  2. “Why do I want what I want?”
  3. “How do I want to feel when I get what I want?

This process will help you redirect your vibration to emotions that feel good and will improve your point of attraction.  

If you are able to make peace with contrast and consistently practice aligning yourself with your desire, then when contrast does appears you are still able to remain feeling good.   So even if it is raining outside, it’s all "blue sky and sunshine" inside!

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