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Certified Style Coach (MIASC Accred.)

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Emotional Mastery Coaching

Emotional Mastery Coaching

Get in the Driver's Seat of Your Emotions

Do you?

  • Lose your logic when you feel intense emotions
  • Judge yourself harshly
  • Have difficulty staying in the moment
  • Struggle with asking for what you want or saying no
  • Express your emotions in hurtful or damaging ways
  • Avoid your emotions by choosing ineffective coping (food, shopping, alcohol)
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is key for personal and professional success. EQ includes the ability to master your own emotions. Emotional know-how looks like this:
  • You access your logic and wisdom even when emotional
  • You have self-compassion
  • You are mindful of your thoughts, feelings and body sensations
  • You assert yourself
  • You can identify, understand, experience and express your emotions effectively
  • You let go of your emotions
Emotional Mastery provides you with more peace and happiness. You have a better relationship with yourself and with others. When you have control over your emotions, you are even more skilled at using the Law of Attraction. Our emotions are such a valuable tool in guiding us to our true nature which is love, wisdom and empowerment. The Abraham Hicks, Law of Attraction teachings tell us that our emotions are our GPS for life; honouring them is the first step in using them to manifest your dreams. 
I can help you take control of your emotions, rather than have your emotions control you.
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