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Inside Out - Tips and Bits

Inside Out - Tips and Bits

By Francesca Dattilo 16 Aug, 2017

I, like you and and many of my clients find that relaxing can be a challenge.   A number of my clients tell me that even when they are not working, their minds are not shutting off from work.   They are so preoccupied with their list of work “to dos” they are unmindful of their present moment.  

Many of the solopreneurs I coach are pre-occupied with worry and catastrophe thoughts like:

“If I take that time off, I will miss out on that sale or that client and then I won’t be able to pay my bills, pay off my debt etc…”

By Francesca Dattilo 26 Jul, 2017

“Today, I am committing to my physical well-being”

This mantra is my “go to” these days.   Largely, because this last year has been challenging when it comes to my health.   I am a huge advocate of life balance and harmony, so tending to my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being is of utmost importance to me.

Unfortunately, the reason I am a huge advocate of life balance and harmony is because I tend to get out of balance.   This last year,   my body has been doing a lot of talking.   It has been speaking to me with the recurrent colds/flus I had over the winter, and back, hip and knee pain.  

By Francesca Dattilo 20 Jul, 2017

Most likely, you have been invited to one or more weddings this summer.   With the warmer weather, wedding ceremonies and receptions are often held outside.   It can get a little confusing about what is appropriate to wear given the type of wedding.   Keep these tips top of mind to help you make more confident choices:

1. Always pay attention to the dress code on the invitation; Is it cocktail, formal black tie, beach, casual?

By Francesca Dattilo 12 Jul, 2017

I love music.   I especially love Blues.   I have gone to many live music shows. I attended the Blues Fest, every year, for a number of years, everyday, right here in Ottawa, Canada.   I recently came across this video of Sister Rosetta Thorpe playing a mean guitar and belting out an amazing Blues tune called “ Didn’t it Rain ” at an outdoor concert in Manchester, England in 1964.   I couldn’t help but bop around listening to it.  

A TV producer by the name of Jonny Hamp was in attendance of this outdoor event and he reported that there was a downpour of rain that literally dampened the show, but then Sister Rosetta came out and sang this song “Didn’t it Rain”.   He stated “the downpour would have led to the worst memory of the show had it not led to the best.” You’ve got to check her out here !

By Francesca Dattilo 28 Jun, 2017

I was recently speaking with a client who had a vision for her business.   While she spoke she listed all the reasons why her potential clients would be “turned off” by what she wanted to offer.   I noticed her lack words and then responded “Perhaps, you are trying to appeal to those people who are not your ideal or perfect client”.   She was struck by my response and when she left our conversation she stated that I had struck a cord with her and she now had a new way of looking at the situation that she was excited about.

I have written a lot about relationships and attracting and creating soul love.   Believe it or not, attracting your ideal client is a similar process to attracting your soulmate, a dear friend or a business partner.  

It is important to keep these 3 key messages in mind:

By Francesca Dattilo 21 Jun, 2017

Spring is turning into summer and with the warm weather many of us have planted our gardens.   We look forward to seeing the fruits of our labour; seeing the flowers in full bloom and picking vegetables from our gardens. Many of us spend our precious weekend time weeding our gardens to get the best results.   But, when was the last time you weeded your wardrobe?

Many of us have many outfits in our closet that we don’t wear.   People tend to wear only about 20% of their wardrobes.   So, our closets are filled with items that are taking up space that could be used more effectively.   We want to ensure that 60% of our closest space consists of clothing we wear regularly on a day to day basis, 20% is what we wear on weekends or for leisure and the other 20% is what we wear occasionally, like evenings out for example.  

At least twice per year, I do a spring/summer and fall/winter switch over of my wardrobe.   I use this as a time to do a wardrobe decluttering as well.   Going through our closets each season and having a well organized “working wardrobe” has some very practical benefits and contributes to our emotional and mental well-being.

By Francesca Dattilo 14 Jun, 2017

Yesterday, I had a really “bad” day.  I woke up feeling unmotivated, drained, unsettled and sad.  So, I proceeded as I usually do with my daily success habits; meditating, Law of Attraction (LOA) processes, a good cardio workout, lots of water and a very healthy breakfast. Typically, these habits elevate my mood and raise my vibration.  

But, I was hit by some contrast or those things I do not like want or prefer to be happening , right after, related to my business and my health. Oh, and I forgot to mention tech issues with my computer!  And, I began to spiral back down the “Emotion Vibration Scale”.  If you are familiar with Abraham Hicks aka Esther Hicks, you might be familiar with the scale they developed that runs from 1-22.  I was hitting the bottom half of the scale ranging from disappointment to discouragement to worry and even moments of despair.

By Francesca Dattilo 31 May, 2017

If you saw the movie “Beaches”   that starred Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, you may recall the scene where Bette Middler says after she has performed on stage and rattled on about herself, “ Enough about me.   Let’s talk about you.   What do you think of me?”

Many of us have heard that performers such as actors and singers crave attention and approval.   But, aren’t we all approval seekers to some degree?   Really, it feels good to have others’ approval, especially from those people we greatly love, admire or respect.  

By Francesca Dattilo 24 May, 2017

When it comes to my wardrobe, I follow the adage, “More is better!”   Many other personal stylists and image consultants would disagree suggesting you buy less and purchase more quality and timeless items.  

But, I can’t help it! I love variety in my closet.   Lots of styles, colours and options to choose from.   Remember Carrie’ Bradshaws ultimate closet in the popular and iconic show “Sex in the City?”.   That is my dream closet.  

By Francesca Dattilo 17 May, 2017

If you have read any of my newsletters or social media posts, you know that I am big on self-love.  I talk about it a lot in regards to creating Soul Love.  In particular, how every good relationship starts with you and that you cannot accept and embrace what you cannot give to yourself.  If you cannot love and accept yourself, you will not be open to receiving love and acceptance from others. 

Whatever it is that you want to manifest in your life; your ideal partner, the dream job or dream home requires the power of self-love.  It requires the power of the Law of Allowing or the principle of least action and no resistance .  

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