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  • By Francesca Dattilo
  • 28 Jun, 2017

I was recently speaking with a client who had a vision for her business.   While she spoke she listed all the reasons why her potential clients would be “turned off” by what she wanted to offer.   I noticed her lack words and then responded “Perhaps, you are trying to appeal to those people who are not your ideal or perfect client”.   She was struck by my response and when she left our conversation she stated that I had struck a cord with her and she now had a new way of looking at the situation that she was excited about.

I have written a lot about relationships and attracting and creating soul love.   Believe it or not, attracting your ideal client is a similar process to attracting your soulmate, a dear friend or a business partner.  

It is important to keep these 3 key messages in mind:

  1. Every good relationship starts with you  

Are you clear about the kind of clients you want, why you want to work with these clients and how you want to feel when you are working with your ideal clients or customers?  The universe can not deliver what you want if you are not clear about what you want.  Think of it this way.  If you go into a restaurant to order food, you don’t place an order by saying to your server, “I don't want the lasagna or the chicken parmesan” expecting that they will bring you what you want.  But, when you place an order for the Fettuccine Alfredo you expect you will get your order shortly.

Are you aligned with what you want?  What is the quality of your thoughts and feelings?  Are you even aware of your thoughts and feelings?  When you are aligned with your desire, your thoughts and feelings support the desire and inspire you to act.  If you desire clients who can afford your services but, you doubt your value or the value of what you offer then you are not in alignment.  You need to clean up your vibration. If you do not pause to connect to your thoughts and feelings, then you will never know if you are in or out of alignment.  

Are you blaming your clients for the “not so good” fit or not taking responsibility for what you are creating?  You are a deliberate Creator.  And, as per the Law of Deliberate Creation , the Law of Attraction will not get you what you want unless you are focusing on what you want in a conscious way with emotion.  As a Deliberate Creator you are responsible for it all; the good, the bad and the ugly.  

2. Relationships can feel good

Have you worked with clients that have drained or exhausted you? You feel like you have had to chase them or convince them that your service is valuable? Or, you have had to make compromises where you felt in some way you were betraying yourself?  I have.  And, the more contrast I experienced; those situations with the client I did not like, want or prefer to happen the clearer I got on who my ideal client was.  As much as I did not enjoy the experience, I am thankful because I now know what not to do in order to know what to do.

Release the belief that success has to be a hard road. Let go of thinking that your success depends on serving everyone even when you don't enjoy it and that it is your duty to serve everyone. Let go of the struggle.  Most of us enjoy serving people who show us the best of ourselves.  We are drawn to and draw people who are a reflection of ourselves. This is the Law of Reflection at work here.

3. Trust that the universe is working in your favour to bring you the clients you want

Have you gotten leads in your business, laid down the groundwork, expecting follow through and then been disappointed because the client decides not to purchase your product or service. You may start judging yourself wondering “What is wrong with me?” Or, jumping to the other end of the spectrum asking “What is wrong with them”?  Perhaps, you start feeing resentful, discouraged or doubtful.  

When this happens to me, I remind myself that this client is most likely not my ideal client.  And, I remind myself to trust that everything is happening for a reason.  This is when I apply the Law of Allowing : the principle of least action and no resistance and the Law of Detachment : letting go of the process and to some degree the outcome.  I also think as the Law of Detachment suggests, that the Universe has perfect timing and perhaps the client at this time is not ready to do the work.  And, in that case not my ideal client, yet!

I also consider that perhaps that client is just honoring my vibration.  As, I mentioned above, If I am misaligned with my desire and doubt my experience, expertise, my value and my offer, then how can I expect the client to buy into what I have yet to buy into.    

Many business owners recognize the value of having a business plan to ensure that the operations of their business will support their customers or clients once they arrive.  However, many miss the benefit of bringing the right clients to their door.  Those clients that connect them to their business mission, their passion and refer even more ideal clients to them.

Want to learn more about getting perfect clients to your door?   On Tuesday, July 11th the Ottawa West Holistic Chamber of Commerce has invited me to present on “How to Use the Law of Attraction to Attract Your Ideal Clients”.   If you are interested in attending their monthly meeting, networking with wonderful, heart-centered entrepreneurs and increasing your point of attraction to magnetize your preferred clients, please click on the following link or message me for more information.

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